Starting on July 21, Google Cloud Platform developers and engineers are visiting 11 cities across North America, providing a technical, demo-based introduction to Google Cloud Platform.

In addition to this technical introduction, the roadshow provides a great opportunity for you to meet the Googlers who build the services you know and love.

We will be talking about how Cloud Platform is offering new ways for you to run applications in the cloud, including supporting new models of cloud computing such as Managed VMs that blur the lines between PaaS & IaaS. We’ll demonstrate new features and use cases of our Big Data platform.

We’re also going to show you a case study of how we built a world-class mobile application integrating Cloud Platform services with load balancing and replica pools.

The full list of dates is below; click the links below to join us at a roadshow near you:

Los Angeles July 21
San Francisco July 23
Seattle July 30
Vancouver July 31
New York City August 5
Cambridge August 7
Toronto August 12
Boulder August 12
Austin August 14
Atlanta August 19
Chicago August 22

- Posted by Greg DeMichillie, Director of Product Management