When Applibot needed a flexible computing architecture to help them grow in the competitive mobile gaming market in Japan, they turned to Google Cloud Platform. When Tagtoo, a online content tagging startup, needed to tap into the power of analytics to better serve digital ads to customers in Taiwan, they turned to Google Cloud Platform. In fact, companies all over the world are turning to Cloud Platform to create great apps and build successful businesses.

Now, more developers in Asia Pacific can experience the speed and scale of Google’s infrastructure with the expansion of support for Cloud Platform. Today we switched on support for Compute Engine zones in Asia Pacific, as well as deploying Cloud Storage and Cloud SQL.  

This region comes with our latest Cloud technology, which includes Andromeda - the codename for Google’s network virtualization stack - to provide blazing fast networking performance as well as transparent maintenance with live migration, and automatic restart for Compute Engine.

In addition to local product availability, the Google Cloud Platform website and the developer console will also be available in Japanese and Traditional Chinese. These websites have updated use cases, documentation and all sorts of goodies and tools to help local developers get started with Google Cloud Platform. Developers interested in learning more about Google Cloud Platform can join one of the Google Cloud Platform Global Roadshow events coming up in Tokyo, Taipei, Seoul or Hong Kong.

The launch of Cloud Platform support in Asia Pacific is in line with our increasing investment in the region and our commitment to developers around the world. To all our customers in the region, we would like to say “THANK YOU / 謝謝 / ありがとう ” for your support of Google Cloud Platform.

-Posted by Howard Wu, Head of Asia Pacific Marketing and Ken Sim, Product Manager