Today we are pleased to announce that Red Hat Enterprise Linux has exited Open Preview and is now Generally Available in two consumption models: on demand (pay by the hour), and Red Hat Cloud Access (pay by the year). This gives customers the ability to make use of Red Hat support, relationships, and technology on Google Cloud Platform, while maintaining a consistent level of service and support with consistent and predictable pricing from Red Hat. As an added benefit for subscribers of Red Hat Enterprise products, Red Hat Cloud Access enables qualified enterprise customers to migrate their current subscriptions for use on Google Cloud Platform. This starts with Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) subscriptions, with other Red Hat products to follow. You can learn more about Red Hat Cloud Access here, and find documentation for RHEL on Compute Engine here. Use of RHEL on Google Compute Engine is subject to additional terms conditions (see the Google Cloud Platform Service Specific Terms here).

-Posted by Martin Buhr, Product Manager