As part of our continued investment in Google Cloud Platform, we have worked hard to build a great community of partners. These organizations provide everything from hands-on deployment and technical support to customized application development. Since its inception, we have welcomed 161 partners into the Partner Program.

Today, we are expanding our Partner Program in order to recognize our top service and technology partners and provide the means for any company to qualify as a Registered Company. The Partner Program’s three tiers are highlighted below:

  • Premier Partner - all the benefits of the core partner program and access to premier level services.
  • Authorized Partner - core partner program with branding, relationship management and access to online resources and training.
  • Registered Company - entry level status with access to online resources and training.

These tiers are the first steps of many to further develop our partner community so we can provide the best possible experiences for everyone out there while working hand in hand with those companies that make it possible.

If you are ready to join our community and help bring Google Cloud Platform to everyone please learn more and apply here.

If you’re looking for technology or services partners with experience with Google Cloud Platform, check out our partner directory where you can find partners who can help you move to the cloud.

-Posted by Mark Hodgson, Head of Global Partner Programs