Today’s guest post comes from Charlie Good, Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of Wowza Media Systems.

We are excited to join the Google Cloud Platform Partner Program and delighted to be part of the GA release. Together, Wowza® Media Systems and Google provide a powerful, integrated streaming option for customers large and small, with the consistently high performance you expect from Google. The solution works for nearly any and every use case as well — from live sporting events or business meetings to on-demand recorded university lectures or high-production-value broadcast-quality shows. Anyone who has content they want to stream through Wowza can now leverage Compute Engine’s powerful Linux-based virtual machines.

The integrated solution of Wowza Media Server® running on Google Compute Engine will meet the needs of the most demanding streaming customers, as well as those looking to get started and explore how streaming could work for them. By leveraging Wowza Media Server on Compute Engine, users can get up and running quickly while enjoying a cost-effective, flexible, easy-to-use solution enabling streaming from the cloud. We understand that for the technically savvy user, maintaining control of workflows, content and infrastructure is just as important as building dynamic and engaging streaming applications. That is why, with the help of Compute Engine, all of our APIs and customization capabilities are available on Google’s world-class infrastructure. Wowza is committed to providing our customers with both cloud and on-premises options for their media streaming workflow, and Google Compute Engine is a powerful new option.

The process is straightforward:
  • Compute Engine customers purchase a daily, monthly, or perpetual license for Wowza Media Server directly from;
  • They then choose a prebuilt Wowza image within Compute Engine to run on their Compute Engine instance. Using this pre-built image, the initial Wowza installation and configuration steps are already completed, so customers can get started more quickly.

Below is a diagram to provide a high-level overview of how Wowza Media Server and Compute Engine work together, and here is the link to our web page that has more information on getting started.
At Wowza Media Systems, we’re passionate about our customers and helping them achieve their business goals with our media streaming software. Put simply, we enable our customers to reach their desired audience without worrying about the device or player technology or network connection each end user has. With this new Google Compute Engine offering, we’re providing a terrific new way to help customers get where they need to be.

To get started or to learn more please visit

-Contributed by Charlie Good, CTO and co-founder, Wowza Media Systems