2013 was a busy year for Google Cloud Platform. Watch this space: each day, a different Googler who works on Cloud Platform will be sharing his or her highlight from the past year.

You only get a few chances in your lifetime to see a major technology shift, and we are lucky enough to be experiencing two at the same time: mobile and the cloud. The rise of smartphone and tablets are having a fundamental change in user expectations. And cloud computing is changing software development. My favorite moments this year were when we were able to bring these trends together to enable developers to build amazing solutions. Early in the year we launched the Mobile Backend Starter, making it trivial to build no-code backends for android (and later iOS) applications. Then, at Google I/O, we launched some great developer features for cloud connecting your Android app directly in Android Studio and we topped off the year with the General Availability of Google Cloud Endpoints. This makes the infrastructure for the cloud-to-mobile bridge solid and dependable.... and next year will be even better!

-Posted by Brad Abrams, Group Product Manager