Google Cloud Platform customers have told us that transferring large data sets (in the hundreds of terabytes and beyond) can be expensive and time-consuming over unreliable Internet connections. Today, we are pleased to announce that Offline Disk Import for Google Cloud Storage is available internationally in Limited Preview. Now, you can send disks to our disk-upload centers in Switzerland, Japan and India as well as the United States. From there, we will upload your data to your Cloud Storage regional buckets (US or Europe).

It begins when you send your encrypted data on physical disk drives (2.5” and 3.5” HDDs or SSDs) to a Google disk-upload center using a mail carrier. From there, we upload the data into an empty Cloud Storage bucket that you designate. Once your data is imported to your designated bucket, the standard Cloud Storage storage fees apply. This is a good option if you’re limited to a slow, unreliable or expensive Internet connection and with new international disk import centers, it is easier than ever.

Offline Disk Import is offered in all our disk-upload centers around the globe at a flat fee of $80 per disk, irrespective of the drive capacity, data size, your designated bucket location or the disk-upload center location. There are no additional fees for loading the data or per-byte charges.

Back in June, we announced the Limited Preview of the Cloud Storage Offline Disk Import service for U.S. customers and we’re glad that we can expand this offering to our customers around the world. Use the form on our Offline Disk Import website to let us know your feedback or sign up to participate in the Limited Preview.

-Posted by Lamia Youseff, Software Engineer