App Engine 1.8.4 released
Just a few weeks following our last release, we’re back with Google App Engine 1.8.4. To make it even easier for developers to build and test their applications at scale, we’re better aligning the development environment with the App Engine production environment. We’re updating the development application server to perform more like the High Replication Datastore, so now it defaults to using an eventually consistent storage model.

We also updated our support for Dynamic Web Projects in Eclipse to better support Google Cloud Endpoints and App Engine Backends as well as addressing a number of bugs users have reported. Try it out — download the latest GPE release.

To see what else is included in 1.8.4, please do check out the release notes.

Differential snapshots for Persistent Disks
Cloud Platform makes it easy to create a snapshot of a Google Compute Engine persistent disk and keep that snapshot copy stored in Google Cloud Storage for backup, disaster recovery and migration purposes. More importantly, you can boot a new virtual machine in seconds using that persistent disk snapshot anywhere in the world. Now, with differential snapshots, Cloud Platform only has to store the data that has changed since the last successful snapshot resulting in significantly faster snapshot times with less Cloud Storage usage (meaning less cost to you!). As a result, you can take snapshots more regularly and have better protection for critical data.

Compute Engine load balancing — now with a UI!
Following the recent announcement of Google Compute Engine load balancing, we've added it to Cloud Console. The new interface gives you an easy way to administer your load balancing.

To find it, log in to Cloud Console and look for "Load balancing" on the left menu.

We’d love to hear your feedback in the comments. If you have specific technical questions, check out our Google Groups or find us on Stack Overflow.

-Posted by Jessie Jiang, Director of Product Management