Today's guest post comes from Dr. Chandra Krintz, co-founder and CTO of AppScale Systems. AppScale Systems is the team behind AppScale, the open source cloud platform that brings portability and failover to App Engine applications.

Recently, there have been interesting discussions around lock in and Google App Engine. With hosted cloud services, there is always a concern that the developers will find the barrier to exit too high. We have partnered with Google to relieve developers of the burden of porting their App Engine apps to other deployment targets via our cloud platform, AppScale.

App Engine developers can now execute their apps either on App Engine in the cloud using Google’s infrastructure or on AppScale over resources they control. To enable this, AppScale emulates App Engine and mirrors its APIs using proven and distributed open source technologies.

The video below shows how to setup AppScale and deploy your App Engine apps over Google Compute Engine. Users can also deploy AppScale over virtualized clusters, on-premise data centers, and public and private cloud infrastructures like Amazon EC2, Eucalyptus, and OpenStack. Deploying the platform consists of downloading or creating a virtual machine image with the AppScale code base, and using the AppScale tool chain to start the platform services across a number of virtual machine instances.

AppScale automatically deploys, configures, and scales your apps and their service ecosystems, so that you don't have to. Because the platform is open source, you can also customize and optimize the system according to your needs, and we can help.

AppScale Systems is a Google Cloud Platform Technology Partner and collaborates with Red Hat and Google on the Test Compatibility Kit (TCK) project. Learn more about AppScale and try it today at Follow us on Twitter (@appscalecloud) or join our community of contributors and ask questions via the AppScale Community Google Group and IRC channel (#appscale).

-Contributed by Chandra Krintz, co-founder and CTO of AppScale Systems