Google Cloud SQL lets developers host their MySQL databases on Google Cloud Platform. We take care of replicating the data, backups, updates and other admin overheads so you can concentrate on launching great applications. The Cloud SQL API we are launching today makes it easier to manage lots of instances programmatically by providing an API for common tasks such as creating and deleting instances, increasing or reducing their size, and taking and restoring backups.

For example, you can create a new database instance in your project like this:
curl --header "Authorization: Bearer youraccesstoken" \
     --header "Content-Type: application/json" \ \
     --data "{\"instance\" : \"instancename\",  \"project\" : \"yourprojectid\", 
\"settings\" : {\"tier\" : \"D2\"}}" -X POST
Orangescape is already using the API to run Kissflow, their popular workflow SaaS. They provide a separate instance for each of their customers, which gives great performance and security isolation (they avoid the ‘noisy neighbor’ problem). The result is thousands of customers and thousands of databases, and they use the Cloud SQL API to manage them all. This integrates the database management process into their service -- create, delete, backup, scale up, scale down -- with no admin overhead.

The Cloud SQL API is now available and you can read more about Orangescape’s experience in this case study.

- Posted by Joe Faith, Product Manager